DILLASTRATE just can't sit still. In two short years, they've toured New Zealand a staggering nine times, tackling staple music festival stages including Northern Bass, Rhythm & Vines and Electric Avenue. Born in the dirty south of Aotearoa, the duo's previous collaborative efforts have included ahoribuzz and Soulsystem, as well as individual engagements with an intimidating host of national and international acts.

Dillastrate's signature sound is a product of refinement, humanising machines to combine modern digital sounds with analog soul to provide the best of both. A heavy hat tip to soul legends Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye effortlessly mingles with current neo-soul, hip-hop and electronic sounds that leave audiences open-mouthed and itching for more.

Their EP 'Black Diamond' (Delicious Music) is currently available on all good music platforms, as well as the new follow-up single β€œI Don’t Care” (Big Saucy Music) recorded at Neil Finn's Roundhead Studios. Catch them live while you can - they don't stay in one place for long!








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